Hide That Utility Box with our Bush Wrap!

Etsy's Best is here!

We will print you a full and customizable wrap for your utility box! includes warning stickers and all markings originally on your unit!

installation is fairly easy since most of these are flat! however you still need a nice cool morning and a very clean surface and as little wind possible. 

Please check with your HOA and local authorities ours didn’t care prolly cause they didn’t notice it! 😂

having a super clean area is key for the best install, do not use windex ...soapy water works very well and helps in the application/install too!

36x36 is our most commmon size, you will receive 5 sheets! all the sides and top.

Added 2 new styles!

We can always customize your print to whatever size you need! Contact us now.

Bulk orders available :)

Green Bush
Osmanthus Holly
Smaller Leaf Green Bush
Even Darker Green Bush
Pink Flower Bush